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Why Costa Rica?

IMG_7997Why Costa Rica?

As the retreat facilitator, I had the important task of choosing a location that was not only accessible, incredible and cost effective, but one that meant something to me as well. I’ve been blessed to travel many places throughout my 30 years on this Earth and each place has resonated with me for different reasons, but one location without a doubt stood out above the rest as the place to host my very first mindfulness retreat. Costa Rica. I’ve had a personal love and fascination with Costa Rica since my early years in high school. The jungles entranced me, and the fact that they were voted the happiest country in the world time and time again piqued my fascination even more. I finally made my first journey there on the last leg of my honeymoon with my partner, Mike and I was not disappointed. From the moment I stepped foot off the plane, I felt an immediate connection to the country. I felt almost grounded into the Earth. The tropical, lush rainforests of Costa Rica hold a mysticism and magic, wisdom and connectedness. The natural beauty of the country is incredible. Everywhere you turn, the wildlife will take your breath away. There’s Sloths vegging out in the trees, colorful Hummingbirds flitting around from tropical flower to tropical flower, leaf cutter ants working tirelessly, toucans souring around, and howler monkeys filling the air with their almost indescribable music. It’s an animal and plant lovers paradise. The jungles, the beaches, everything. The fresh foods makes the body come alive. We returned a few years later for a couples yoga retreat and connected to everything all over again, but more importantly it helped us connect to ourselves. It helped us peel back all the noise of our lives and the rush of our day to day and dig deep. All of this should be reason enough to choose Costa Rica. Sloths alone should tip the scale, but the biggest reason of all was Pura Vida. You’ve probably heard the phrase. Maybe you’ve heard of it connected to Costa Rica. Well, Pura Vida is more than a phrase it’s a way of life. It seeps into your bone marrow as you melt into your time spent in this gorgeous Central American country. The people live up to their title as one of the happiest countries on Earth and are some of the nicest I’ve encountered in my years of traveling. So, what exactly is Pura Vida? It’s truly hard to describe. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling that is a perfect backdrop for a mindfulness retreat. It’s a feeling of being thankful for what you have, being present, not dwelling in the negative, being mindful. The mission of the retreat is to dig deep and connect with Pura Vida, a feeling I hope you can take with you in your day to day life once we head back home. You don’t have to physically be in Costa Rica to access that feeling each day, but it’s a great place to start. Costa Rica is deeply rooted in my heart center and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Love and Llamas,


I’d love for you to join our retreat this May 2019 at The RipJack Inn. Registration open until January 10th. Email to join us.



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