La Carolina from Giv Coffee Roasters (12 oz bag whole bean)


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COUNTRY: Nicaragua


REGION: Nueva Segovia


FARM: La Carolina & El Naranjo

FARMER: Andres Figueroa Lopez & Romulo Victor Paguaga

ELEVATION: 1,300 masl

PROCESSING: Washed by Luis Alberto

WE TASTE: Chocolate, Caramel, Apple


This coffee is a collaboration between Luis Alberto and two other farmers named Romulo Victor and Andres Figueroa.  Luis buys the wet parchment from them and then does the drying and final milling on his own. A major part of producing great coffee is processing it properly.  A farmer could grow the best coffee and pick only the ripest cherries but if the coffee is processed poorly it would taste horrible. Luis is a time-honored expert at processing coffee and Andres and Romulo are great farmers. A perfect match.

La Carolina is the type of coffee that I could drink all day long.  It is super sweet and chocolaty with hints of fruit that don’t overwhelm.

-Jeff Brooks, Green Coffee Buyer & Co-Owner

This is our medium roast blend.  For those of you who love a breakfast blend or a house blend this is for you.  Our goal here is balance between body, flavor, and acidity.

Roasted in Canton, CT

Specifically, at Giv Coffee we acknowledge the importance of excellence throughout the whole life of a coffee bean, crop to cup. We only seek the best quality! Our green coffee buyer spends hours before each purchase, scrutinizing farmers and their lots, working with the importer to secure samples of the best crop. It’s only after we sample and agree that the beans meet our high standards that we purchase sacks of green coffee. Among our beans are award winners, micro-lots, and farm direct coffees, all well beyond specialty grade on the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) scale. Once the green beans are in our hands, we pay obsessive attention to roasting and freshness. Each lot of coffee is studied as our roaster determines its ‘sweet spot’; what roast level, to the degree, is right for that coffee bean. The painstakingly roasted beans are then packaged or placed into the hands of our trained baristas. Each Giv barista has been educated using our top of the line ‘La Marzocco’ espresso machine and in the ways of brewing methodology. It is this diligence that ensures all the hard work of the farmer and roaster will shine in this last step as you sip a perfectly extracted cup of coffee. Finally, at Giv Coffee, we seek fairly traded beans. All of our coffees are purchased responsibly and farmers get a fair price for their crop. On top of this, we give directly to those in need from the proceeds of each bag we sell.

Sold as whole bean, but The Hummingbird Cafe is happy to grind for you if you need. Fill out the form below if you’d like to have the coffee ground before shipping. 


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